Our Story

The Village Tavern has been a part of life in Airway Heights since the 1960s.  When the bar shut down for a while in the 90s, former customer Jean Moore couldn’t believe that the place where she had her first legal drink at 21 wasn’t still hopping.  She and her partner Tracy Moore took matters into their own hands, reopening the Village Tavern in 2006.

Since then, Jean, family, and staff have been serving an eclectic bar crowd, many of whom are active military from nearby Fairchild Air Force Base.  They’ve worked to give the place a hometown feel where customers of all ages and walks of life are comfortable and feel like they’re at home, whether they’re Airway Heights natives or military personnel stationed far from their own hometowns.

Come join the folks at the Village Tavern to discover what makes it so special that it truly is “world famous!”